Bokeh Podcast Interview | Captivate, Connect, and Clone Your Ideal Clients with Copy

Jess, XO Bokeh Podcast Interview | Captivate, Connect, and Clone Your Ideal Clients with Copy

Okay, nobody prepared me for this podcast episode with Nathan Holritz.

I mean, sure, I did my own prep. I listened to episodes, I thought about the questions he typically asks and how I would answer, etc. I did all that journalism-y creepin’ on the host, the community, etc.

But, I’m talking about when the podcast AIRED.

Bokeh Podcast apparently has a CULT FOLLOWING of super generous people.

I should’ve known, I guess. It’s a super-niched podcast, specifically for photographers. Nathan always gives super-practical tips + takeaways for photography business, but he also dabbles in life, productivity, learning, and more with his guests. It is CLEAR that a whole lotta photographers are low-key obsessed.

As a result, I’ve received so many messages from listeners including gratitude, key takeaways, and so much more.

I’m so grateful to entrepreneur/educators like Nathan and the Bokeh Podcast for providing such a clear roadmap for their niche. And, I really appreciate his question: What is your unique value proposition?

Ummm… nerd alert.

PLUS, he sent me a bag of coffee beans from a local coffee shop as a “thank you.” LIKE I SAID, NO ONE PREPARED ME FOR THE AMAZINGNESS.

Take a listen to this episode for:

  • My one piece of advice for photographers

  • Techniques for time management -- my faves!

  • Book recommendations -- he asked for one, and I gave three: The Pumpkin Plan, Deep Work, and Bread and Wine. That last one’s not biz related, but it is life-changing.

  • Words to eliminate from your photography website -- it’s all about attracting and repelling, so get more specific!

  • 3 practical tips to tweak your existing website copy + start attracting YOUR people.

When you listen -- whether it’s on your walk (that’s what I do!), during your workout, while you edit, when you’re making dinner -- tag me on the ‘gram so I can pretend I’m there with ya, chatting all things business, life, and doing them both well.

Happy listening!

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