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Jess Jordana paxson

speaker for creative entrepreneurs


She talks about herself in third person, because she’s just. that. profesh.

Jess Jordana is a copywriter (a.k.a. heart translator) who helps creative business owners turn their passionate mumblings into words people actually "get."

She’s helped countless entrepreneurs up their word game, from super-talented solopreneurs to industry-strengthening organizations like The Rising Tide Society and Creative at Heart. Her most impressive accomplishment, however, is surviving teaching in the high school classroom and getting to meet her former students for coffee when they come back from college.

Jess’s expertise was refined by her early audience of slightly unforgiving high school students and teachers. Now she is taking her passion for writing, psychology, and engagement to teach creatives the difference between information and attention—a distinction that just might make the difference in growing a business that actually feels like a dream.

Her values are rooted in being saved by grace, drinking iced coffee all year round, and she firmly believes if date night isn't tacos, you're just doing it wrong. She couldn't do a day in business without her cute hubs (Presley) and pup (Joey Tribbiani). Also, if she was ever caught needing to defend herself, she’d likely start throwing her library of over 1,000 books at her assailant. She’d throw the paperbacks first.


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Signature Talks


From Crickets to Conversion:
How to connect, convert, and clone your dream people with your message

Key Takeaways:

  • “Connection” is the missing link to conversion—like LIFELONG CUSTOMER kind of conversion

  • Mirror, Window, Door Technique: Have your audience saying “OMG, how are you in my head?”

  • 3 copy tweaks to make TODAY that will inspire audience action.

This talk is perfect for a keynote or breakout session at a conference for creative entrepreneurs. It is best for conferences that aim to help entrepreneurs move their businesses forward with practical action steps and bigger vision takeaways.


How to Turn Your Passionate Mumblings into Words People Actually “GET”

Key Takeaways:

  • REAL TALK: It’s always hardest to articulate your own passion to the outside world. Let’s find out why.

  • The quickest way to drive people away is to start with this one step

  • Why your information-website isn’t moving the needle in your business

  • Practical steps to take to clarify your message + capture attention + inspire action.

This talk is perfect for intimate workshops or podcast interviews for creative entrepreneurs.


You just might be able to convince Jess to do some website audits on the spot for your workshop attendees. Personalized instruction and quick wins are her former-teacher jam.


If you’d like to book Jess to speak for your event, feel free to fill out the form here, or you can email her directly at jess@jessicajordana.com