The Promptlate Shop

Hi, friends!

Welcome to The Promptlate Shop.

Um, dude. What’s a Promptlate?

Imagine: 50% prompts + 50% templates

to get you 100% more connection and more clients with your copy.

The Promptlate Shop is your one-stop-shop to get a done-for-you process without the done-for-you product price.

Let’s just say…

it’ll make your DIY copywriting look more like, “Can I hire whoever she did to write that stuff?”

Because, LET’S BE REAL, okay?

✔️writing copy isn’t what you signed up for when you started your biz.

✔️you want something UP ON YOUR SITE already

✔️it’s time to deliver on that “website coming soon!” promise from months ago

✔️you need words to bring the PERFECT people your way… 

consistently... without having to lift a finger. (Is that too much to ask?)

✔️you don’t want to learn a new craft.

you just want to get back to the one you’re passionate about.


It’s time to toss out those cookie cutter words that aren’t doing their job.

Then we can sliiiide in the personality-infused, action-focused words that get people to, like…

DO STUFF, and stick around after.

That’s the dream, right?

To get that dream person’s attention and serve them with your passion and talents

(and then become besties immediately)?

Connection is a click away...

So, let’s take your copy from crickets to CLIENTS.

(too cheesy? maybe a little too cheesy.)


Get the entire website bundle.


Just need help with one page? Get individual promptlates.


Want a pro’s eyes on your new copy?
Book an audit with Jess!


Oh yeah, I’m Jess!

Untitled design (1).png

I’m the CEO and chief copywriter (a.k.a. heart translator) over here, and I’m SO GLAD you made it this far.

I help creative biz owners (+ coaches & thought leaders) turn their passionate mumblings into words people actually "get."

I’m a former high school teacher, so you can expect questions more often than straight answers. BUT, my questions will lead you to reaching your potential and being able to own it when you get there.

I’ve worked with everyone from stinkin’ awesome solopreneurs to organizations like The Rising Tide Society and HoneyBook to up their word game.

Oh, and I KNOW you were made for this.

I can’t wait to help you…

…see yourself with kind eyes and a full heart

…and learn to see your audience that way, too.

I’ll bring iced coffee, it’ll be great.

image via  Rachel Allene

image via Rachel Allene