Hi! Welcome to Jessica Jordana.

I'm Jessica (Jordana) Paxson, and I'm so glad you stumbled on my little internet home.

A few things about me:

  • 12th Grade English and Creative Writing teacher by day (in my 2nd year)
  • Freelance Writer/Editor by nights and weekends
  • Married to my best friend, Presley (a.k.a. Hunk Hubby, H.H.)
  • I'm obSESSED with iced coffee in all weather conditions
  • I've always been a pro at DREAMING BIG, but have never had the DOING BIG quite down

You've found the right place if you...

  • ...are filled to the brim with creativity, but you can't seem to find any direction.
  • ...are a writer, an artist, a teacher, a creative.
  • ...are overwhelmed with all of your ideas, sometimes to the point of stagnance.
  • ...read far too deeply into everyday situations, as if they are lessons from above (because they are!).
  • ...have tried watercolors, and gardening, and CrossFit, and photography, and yoga, and (insert any and every hobby/activity/pastime here).
  • ...care about fostering the creativity of young people instead of squashing it.
  • ...are sometimes a little TOO candid about everyday experiences.

This is my happy place in which I am attempting to move forward in my uncertainty and all-over-the-place nature.  It's where I write because I ache to write, not because I have a single idea, a book deal, or a product/service to convince you to buy.  It's where I pump up my creative muscles in an attempt to take the same action I tell my students to take every single day:

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." -Mark Twain