Hey, friend!


I’m Jess, iced-coffee-obsessed, saved-by-grace, allergic to small talk, and one of the biggest dreamers you’ll ever meet.


basically, I’m your most awkwardly dramatic friend, and LITERALLY your biggest fan.

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The Backstory


God writes our stories long before we’re ready to read them. The story of Jess, XO goes further back than I can even track!

I used to be a social chameleon. I changed who I was based on who I was around. I never felt like I fit anywhere, so I tried to fit in all the places.

(Side note: I was GOOD. It’s one of my talents. I’m a people-reader, people-pleaser and can effortlessly conform to situations. It’s taken a while to use this power to SHINE instead of shrink.)

You see the problem. By fitting everywhere, I fit nowhere. I lost myself in the process. I didn’t know who I was when it wasn’t influenced or dictated by someone else.

Finally, I decided to INTENTIONALLY figure out who I was, what I loved, and what that meant for my journey.

The search involved processing through words (I started blogging), lots of coffee (and meeting sweet new friends for coffee dates), stepping into my strengths instead of trying to cultivate the strengths everyone else had, and of course a whole lot of Jesus.


Core Values

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I’m the copywriter who gets you.


I want to shine a light on the magic in you that’s been there all along. This business is my love letter + pep talk (hence the name) to all the dreamers who talk themselves out of the next step, the creatives who feel all over the place, full of unimaginable ideas, but lack the focus or know-how to put that into words.

// I GET that you have passion that can only be measured in buckets.

// I GET that you take on too much and dream too big.

// I GET that your heart is bursting, but your brain doesn’t have the time or space to translate that passion into a message you can share with the masses.

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It's my job to:


1. Shine a light on your greatness, and pinpoint what makes you EXACTLY YOU

2. Write copy that will ignite your business in the direction of YOUR DREAM--not everyone else’s

3. Develop a plan of action to hone Your Bestie Effect, shouting that YOU-ness from the rooftops--or whispering it intensely--, consistently connecting with your people long after we work together


Who even is she?


//I taught high school English, so I’m a pro at breaking down concepts and coming up with STEPS for you to communicate YOUR STORY in the best way possible

//I’m an information-collector: podcasts, books, blogs, email lists--I listen to + read all of them; they’re locked and loaded in my brain to share with you when you need it

//I’m real, and sometimes spicy when it comes to challenging you to get out of your brain box; here’s the thing: what got you here won’t get you there! You have to change, grow, and be willing to try some things that make you feel like you’re sticking your arm in a wet pant leg. Get uncomfortable. It’ll be worth it.


“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

-Dolly Parton

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