Killer Client Testimonials: how to get them + how to share them

Jess, XO how to get killer client testimonials

I remember the first-ever copywriting course I signed up for.

It was actually a FREE course, but I sat there for a solid five minutes, afraid to fork over my ever-important email address.

You know what I was wondering?

I had no doubt it would be worth it, I knew the content would be great, and I would probably LEARN.

My main fear in that moment was, “Am I ENOUGH? Do I have what it takes to actually get these results these other people have gotten?”

Honestly, your website visitors are asking that same question: Do I have what it takes to be like them?

For a bride shopping for a wedding photographer: These are gorgeous, but I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. Will my photos be even close to this beautiful?

For a mom shopping for a nutrition and fitness program: These moms don’t look real… it looks like they shower everyday. I don’t think I have it together enough to get these results.

For a business owner mulling over a course: Everyone who got these results were probs SO much further along than me. Plus, I will it really help me book more clients?

I mean… you can feel that hesitation, right? Those are real fears!

In this blog post, I want to teach you guys how to get the kind of testimonials that answer these questions for your dream clients and I’ll talk about when + where to share them once you have ‘em.

How to Show Your Dream Client that They’re EXACTLY the Kind of Person Who Can Get Results:

Step 1: Get Great Testimonials.

The key to getting the best testimonials is to 1) ask for them consistently, and 2) prompt your clients to give you the right information.

Ask for them consistently.

Just put this little ask in your off-boarding workflow:

“Hey, (name)! I’ve loved our time together, and I can’t believe (insert interesting detail about their project or progress) in so little time!

I would love if you could do me the honor of leaving me a review here (link to your google reviewer).”

Prompt them to give you the right information.

The key to a great testimonial is painting a before and after picture. Your dream clients need to know that those clients who got results looked like them before working with you and got exactly where they wanted to go. Getting these testimonials is simple. 

Just add this little snippet after your review-ask:

“Here are some questions to get you started:

What was your life/business like before working with (your name)?

What is your life/business like after working with (your name)?

What surprised you about the process?

What results have you seen after your project with (your name)?”

Feel free to steal these questions or create your own, but be sure to include the before and after prompts so you can get that great picture!

Step 2: Share them at the “right time.”

I think testimonials are best to share right after you make a big benefit-focused claim.

For example, if you claim you can 10x my income, you’ve GOT to follow that up with testimonials of people like me who have 10x’d their income through this process.

Imagine your dream client saying, “OKAY, PROVE IT” after every big claim you make with your copy. It’s our job to answer their questions, almost as if you were having a coffee date instead of a one-sided conversation.

Step 3: Keep ‘em short and sweet.

Feel free to edit/cut/reorder your client’s testimonials. In fact, Elizabeth McCravy has an awesome post detailing exactly what you can feel good about changing, and what you should never touch in your client testimonials. Be sure to highlight the key points, results, benefits you want your people to notice.

Challenge Day 4:

Action Step: Make just one of these changing in your client process or on your website, today! 

Then, BONUS, talk about that client testimonial on stories and tag me (@jessjordana). 

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