How to Save Time Creating Content for ALL Platforms


Lemme guess: Your head is spinning with ideas, right?

Tough Love: What good is an idea if nobody can hear it, take action from it, use it to solve their problems?

Just because you create content consistently, doesn’t mean you’re not paralyzed at some point in the process, wondering what the best next step is.

You wonder:

  • Where should I share this content?

  • How can I make sure the right people see it?

  • How do I make sure all of my people actually see it?

  • How can I meet new-to-me people right where they are, empowering them with value, but not overwhelming them with something they’re not ready for?

Here’s the thing.

One piece of content can--and SHOULD--be used in ALL areas of your business without boring or annoying your audience.

That’s right. I said it. IT. CAN. BE. DONE.

What you create isn’t there for the amount of “eyes” you can get on it, but the amount of people you can serve well through it. If you’re creating content with that in mind, you don’t want anyone to miss it.

The main avenues I use for my audience are my newsletter, blogs, Instagram, (occasional) video. All of these work to build relationships and provide value to my audience so that they know, like, and trust me should they choose to book any of my services.

Here’s a step-by-step process to make sure your content is ready for all platforms:

Step #0: Know your platforms. This is necessary before you start creating any piece of content. What is your goal for each platform you use?

Step #1: Choose an anchor platform. Where is the core of your information going to live? Do you fully explain everything in a blog post? Did you create a comprehensive IGTV video that you want to drive everyone to? Do you have a free resource of some kind that you want them to take advantage of? Choose which platform will be your anchor based on what you want to create.

Step #2: Vary content for your different platforms. In teaching we call this scaffolding. How can I tweak this idea to its purest and SIMPLEST form? Then, scaffold up from there to eventually reach the rich concept for your audience-members who are ready to take it in. Your most amazing content is only as good as who it helps, who it teaches, whose life it changes. You have to meet everyone right where they are, or they won’t keep coming back! Start as small as possible, and go deeper with different platforms.

Step #3: Lead them to more value. Don’t be a content tease! The point of this method is not to lead your audience in a circle, but rather to meet them exactly where they are, and eventually get them to where they need to be to learn and grow.  Don’t teach your audience that you’re going to waste their time if they do what you say and go where you tell them. DELIVER!

As with most things, I learn from the best! Jasmine Star is one of my favorite mentors (who doesn’t know she’s my mentor), and she employs this method SO. WELL.

Here are two quick examples of how she did this recently:

Content: Want to stick out in a saturated market?

Choose an anchor: IGTV + Facebook video.

Vary content for different platforms:

Newsletter: In her newsletter, Jasmine always tells a story. Newsletter subscribers are your PEEPS. They have committed to you enough to sign up for consistent updates. These people are not only invested in your information, they’re invested in you. Giving them something a little more personal here is key!

Inside Social Curator: Typically, once any content is created, Jasmine also talks about the ideas inside of her Social Curator group or on her Monday Morning Coffee Chats (bonus platform: Instagram stories + live). Keeping the content in the conversation ensures her audience that it’s not just a random idea, but something she’s implemented into her own life and business.

Blog: Jasmine created an actual post for this rather than simply plopping her video in there. But guess what the text said. Did you guess? Yep. It said exactly what the video said, it just organized it out into scannable, main points for easy absorption. Don’t kill your time and brain power trying to reinvent the wheel for every platform!

Lead them to more value: With most of Jasmine’s content, she opens up conversation in her Social Curator group for members to apply what they’ve learned and share with each other. This takes the learning to another level because she’s training her audience that she’s not okay with just SHARING her expertise, but she wants her audience to actually take action.


Content: How to Create One Month of Instagram Content in a day

Choose an anchor: Webinar, in order to funnel toward Social Curator membership.

Vary content for different platforms:

Newsletter: In her newsletter, Jasmine told yet another story of her own experience relevant to her content. In this case, she told a testimonial of someone who was overwhelmed with all the content they needed to create.

Instagram Ad: Remember, this is leading to a paid offer, so it’s natural that she spent a bit of money to get this webinar out to the masses.

IGTV: Here she put a teaser to her webinar. Just a short clip! Blog: On the blog, she posted about a 7-day challenge (yet another FREE thing) attached to the webinar topic. This free challenge was another way to get people TAKING ACTION in what they learned. Can you say, so genius?  

Lead them to more value: The entire point of the webinar, 7-day challenge, and all this content is to point people toward her paid offering, Social Curator. She helps her audience understand the value in showing up on social media, batching content, and then provides a solution to make that easier on them. Boom.

See what I mean? Saving time creating content doesn’t have to feel like deciding-where-to-have-date-night kinda ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

Disclaimer: DO NOT (I repeat, do not) only use this method to sell. As with everything else, you’re training your people what to expect from you. If every time you scaffold content, the ultimate goal is to get them to buy something, they might stop going there. Did you notice how the first example from Jasmine was not leading toward a paid offer at all? Most of her content is simply establishing her expertise so that when it IS time to buy, it’s a no-brainer for her audience.

This method has helped me to capitalize on my ideas and do them justice by getting them out to EVERYONE in the way they need it in that moment. I hope it will save your sanity, time, and train your audience to expect great things from you, Peter Parker.  (Oops. Sorry. Got a little carried away there.)

Action Step:

Scaffold one piece of content for all platforms.

Feel free to share about the experience in the comments (or tag me on Instagram! @jessjordana) so everyone can see your process and we can cheer you on.

Jess, XO


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