Need to Boost Engagement? Be Bossy.

Be Bossy boost engagement

For the past few weeks, I've conducted an experiment.


Basically, I go into my social media time ready to engage, and I make a commitment to ENGAGE, interact, CONNECT--but ONLY if I'm told to.

And GUESS WHAT. 8 out of 10 times, there's no instruction, no command, no way for me to connect without figuring it out all on my own.

People. This needs fixing.

So, I'm sure you're wondering WHY I chose to do this experiment in the first place. 

I'm all about keeping social media social, and I think the best way to grow ORGANICALLY is to really interact on a personal level with your followers, new people, who you follow, etc.

So I had a plan to start more conversations. But as I got further into my plan, I realized my frustration. I was trying SO HARD to connect with people who literally were giving me no entry point.

These are the same people who lament about "no engagement" on their social media channels.

I thought: Do they REALIZE that they literally have a brick wall people need to hop over in order to connect with them?

But here's the thing. I KNOW they're not doing it on purpose. They're just stuck in that paralysis we all hit of, okay, so I have this picture--but, like what do I say?

So, as usual, I have tips, advice, and EVEN a free resource on how to boost that connection EVERY single time you hit publish!

The word "bossy" gets a bad rap. But there is definitely something to be said of the #1 lesson I've learned in marriage and in life: HOW WILL THEY EVER KNOW WHAT YOU WANT if you don't just STINKIN' ASK for it?

If you never digest another piece of information about engagement on social platforms--OR your website, newsletter, or ANYTHING, promise me you'll hear this:

If you want your people to take action, you have to do most of the thinking for them.

I don't typically advocate for thinking for people. I'm a teacher! I like to lead people to answers and answer questions with more questions. (It's also fun to see steam coming out of their ears right before that lightbulb flashes on.)


The time and place for that is in a teaching/coaching situation. The time and place for that is when they've already agreed to work with you, when they already trust you. 

It's absolutely essential to think for them as much as possible in the process leading up to them working with you, because decision fatigue is real, and attention spans are only getting shorter.

In Building a Storybrand, Donald Miller says, "The mistake brands make is they cause their customers to burn too many calories in an effort to understand their offer."

That golden nugget of strategy is one I use for About pages and Sales pages alike, but the same is true for getting your people to engage on social media.

If I have to imagine a way to interact with you, examine the imageread the caption and THINK about what I FEEL, it's too hard. And if I have to go to your profile to figure you out, it's over. I'm scrolling.

So, think for your people! Do the leg work beforehand so you can maximize connection in the moment. 

Ask a question. Tell them how to answer. Then RESPOND MEANINGFULLY.

This is actually THE STRATEGY that helped me fully book my client calendar in my FIRST week of business. AND I've been on a waiting list ever since!

I'm not saying that at all to brag or build myself up, but INSTEAD to show you that it's all about STRATEGY and SCIENCE.

If you don't put anything out there, how can you expect to get anything back?

Now, I hear you. Questions are awkward. I know. But they're so powerful and important because they inspire connections and slowly take down walls for your audience. 

Think about this:

If they were searching for someone like me, what would they wonder?

What #realtalk would be a breath of fresh air?

What would they want me to know about them?

How can I learn about them in a low-pressure way? 

How can we connect in the small things so that we can later connect in the big things?

How can I model vulnerability in a way that inspires comfort in their hearts?

Still stumped on what to ask?

In TRUE teacher fashion, here are some of my favorite question stems:

What's your favorite... (Possibilities are ENDLESS here. People seriously love to talk about their faves. Food, travel, morning routine, weekend activity, celebrity, and so much more.)

What are you struggling with right now?

What's your (Monday morning, Tuesday, Humpday, Friday) victory?

What are you celebrating?

How can I help?

Describe your (weekend, work week, Sunday night, vacation) in only emojis below!

Part of your role as an influencer + steward of a growing audience is to TRAIN your people how they can interact with you and get to know you. If there's no entry point, they're not going to break down the door. They'll just MOVE ON. Trust me.

Don't waste their time by making them burn too many calories to TRY and connect with you, and don't assume your engagement is low if you don't ASK FOR IT in the first place!

If you're looking for more ways to boost that connection on ALL platforms, snag my freebie below!


Action Step:

In your next social media post, make sure you're asking (or telling) your audience to TAKE ACTION. Pro tip: Try answering your own question FIRST! Sometimes I like to do this in the actual caption, but it's also great to do in a comment below! Lead by example.

PLEASE share about your wins in the comments (or tag me on Instagram! @jessjordana) so everyone can see your process and we can cheer you on.

Jess, XO


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