5 Painless Tips to Connect Like a Boss as an Introvert

5 Painless Tips to Connect Like a Boss as an Introvert

Hey, introvert. I see you.

You started your business and you were like, “OF COURSE I should work from home! I don’t even like people!”

Ooookay, just kidding. Introverts aren’t people-haters, by any means, but do you ever find yourself getting super overwhelmed when it comes to networking or building a community to surround your business?

Just because you enjoy being alone doesn’t mean you SHOULD BE alone.

Being an introvert is less about having no people at all, and more about finding the RIGHT people who give you energy, motivation, inspiration instead of depleting it.

And, you know the only way to find those people? You have to go out and meet them (yes, in person—eventually).

Yep, as usual, the only way out is through, so it’s time to get OUT of the house and go THROUGH the awkwardness of meeting people on a regular basis.

You may be thinking, Jess, I’m really not that awkward. I can meet people, I just don’t have the time or the brain space.

1) You can’t afford not to meet people + build a community to fuel your life and your business.

2) That’s your introvert talking.

I know it’s exhausting to meet new people, but I promise it’s worth it once you find YOUR PEOPLE. Soon enough it’ll feel like sliding on those leggings instead of squeezing into CONSTRICTIVE-as-all-get-out pair of jeans when you hang out with your people.

In order to get there, today I’m arming you with 5 painless tips for connecting as an introvert.

Here we go!

5 Painless Tips to Connect as an Introvert

  1. Give it purpose. Going into a meetup just to mingle is like an introvert’s worst nightmare. How long can you possibly talk about the weather? When you’re on your way to the event, try to set a goal. Do you want to meet 3 new people and find out about their family/real life? Do you want to find one person to focus on, and maybe ask them to coffee another time? If it’s a one-on-one meeting with a new friend, I’m notorious for bringing a book to talk about (in fact, this is how I became friends with my bestie!). It helps to have something to do with your hands, and to give the conversation a place to go.

  2. Try not to go in completely blind. Yep, that’s right. I hereby give you permission to do some online creeping—or—uh… research. If you have a chance to connect with some people who will be attending on Instagram before hand, do that! If nothing else, having a general idea of who will be attending gives your logical mind a chance to take root, and your imagination can stop running wild about how awkward it’ll be.

  3. Meet someone new FIRST. Rip off the bandaid. Trust me. If you go in and cling to someone you already know, you’ll leave the event feeling frustrated that you didn’t step out of your comfort zone. As soon as you walk in, try meeting someone new. Then, if you want to go say “hi” to someone you know, you can take that new person over to your friend and introduce them. Then you become the connector. Boom. You have a job and you look like you know what you’re doing. Win-win.

  4. When in doubt, say, “Tell me more about that.” Keep them talking about themselves. People love that! It also gives you more context for connection when you do finally start talking about yourself. You’ll be able to tie your own experience or current circumstances to what they told you, which shows you’re a real listener, not just a head-nodder. Finding those commonalities will allow you to dig deeper with your new friend, and going deep is sure to fast-track that long-term connection.

  5. Get your next outing/event on the calendar. Sure, as introverts, we likely feel exhausted by the time we get home, so maybe give yourself the evening to regroup. But that next morning? It’s time to get your next outing on the calendar. Even if it’s simply making a point to go to TuesdaysTogether every single month, or two months down the road, scheduling that next event trains your brain that it’s not okay to only connect when you feel 100% ready, energized, and pumped about it. It needs to be a regular rotation in your creative business, so get it on the calendar A.S.A.P.!

Yes, our businesses are online, but the point is still to serve people. What’s the best way to serve more people? Meet more people and tell them how you serve. Connecting in real life is soul-filling when you find the right people, so don’t be afraid to get searching.

Action Step:

Get your next event/gathering/get-together/shindig/hoodad on the calendar!

PLEASE share your next step with me in the comments or tag me over on Instagram (@jessjordana) so I can cheer you on and share with the masses!

Jess, XO


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