These are #allthethings I’m currently OBSESSING over.

No, like REALLY. Obsessed.

Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate links, but I will only ever share things I use and shout from the rooftops to all my besties!

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There are a lot of CRMs out there, but here is why I love Dubsado: It’s fully brandable, and their customer-service does things FOR you. I love that they are always available for a call to help you out, and they also are just stellar at communication! It’s super intuitive and it was the first tool I got for my business that helped me realize I didn’t have to go crazy all the time. Ahhh, nostalgia.


I love ConvertKit because it is so easy to understand. You can visually map automations, make tons of forms for different purposes, and attach content upgrades with ease. The ability to create a variety of things also allows you to really personalize the content you’re sending out to your list! There are so many features I don’t even use yet, so I also love that it can grow with me.


I’ve used Planoly for almost six months to schedule my Instagram content. You can upload up to 30 photos a month for free, write out captions, and choose a time to schedule those posts. Uploading multiple photos allows you to preview your grid to make sure it looks nice and snazzy. They also have a paid version that allows many features like unlimited uploads, story posting, and more.

Interact Quizzes

“I don’t really like personality quizzes,” said literally no one ever. People love to know more about themselves and they love it even more when you pinpoint where they are and meet them there with helpful content. TryInteract allows you to create quizzes geared toward your area of expertise to spark interest, provide value, and ultimately grow your email list! You can also make them REALLY pretty.

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On My Desk


My Intentional Planner 

This is my most recent planner obsession. I have journaled + read the Bible in the morning for years, but as soon as I was done, I would close my journal until the next morning. Meanwhile, I used a planner all day! This planner keeps my morning quiet time + verse on the page opposite of my to-do list and keeps it front of mind all day!


Powersheets give me SUCH nostalgia. In 2012 I started my blog after going through Lara Casey’s goal-setting blog series. Those blog posts were the genesis of Powersheets! Since then, Lara and her team have perfected a process to set heart-centered goals that will help you intentionally pursue the life of your dreams. Plus, you get to frequently check things off. MAJOR TYPE-A BONUS.


Paper snobs everywhere rejoice when they find Appointed Notebooks. (a.k.a. me!) The paper has an awesome weight, they’re spiral bound--meaning they work for lefties and righties--and the cover is super durable. I bring them to ALLTHECOFFEESHOPS and they never get stained!

My Macbook 

I’m not sure where I would be without this macbook. I haven’t taken the plunge to get an iMac yet, but this macbook has a large screen so I can edit photos and watch movies and have a zillion tabs open. I’m in love.

DoTerra Essential Oils 

My favorites are MOTIVATE and WILD ORANGE. These oils motivate me and make me like a wild orange. JUST KIDDING. But really, it’s nice to be able to diffuse oils to help me focus and/or relax, or roll-on a little scent for a boost in the afternoon or killer content session.

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We’ve used HelloFresh for over a year, and are obsessed. It is so convenient and the meals are DELICIOUS and simple. I love being able to just dump it out, follow the recipe, and use the bag for trash and minimal cleanup! Pro tip: Save the recipes and use them for foolproof meal planning in the future.

Amazon Prime 

Do I even need to explain? Well, if you’re not already sold on Amazon Prime, you should also know that you can download certain magazines for FREE binge reading on the beach. #mindblown

Fab 4 Smoothies 

These smoothies totally live up to the hype. The balance of ingredients keep me full for HOURS, and I swear my skin is--glowier. I also think I’m smarter and happier and I can see unicorns. You know. MAGIC. Favorite recipe: almond milk, ice, chocolate protein, frozen spinach, half an avocado.

Chocolate Bone Broth Protein 

Don’t let the name scare you. This protein is a great clean protein source, but it’s also a way to get the benefits of bone broth without drinking BONE BROTH.


This coffee machine was the best birthday gift a few years ago. It’s my fancy coffee and makes great iced lattes. My favorite pod flavor is Livanto.

Carly Jean Los Angeles 

If you’ve known me for more than 5 minutes, you’ve probably heard me talk about Carly Jean. They are the most comfortable clothes you’ll ever own, they mix and match in a million ways, and the girls show you how to style EVERYTHING in Instagram stories. I keep telling Presley I’m never buying clothes anywhere else. So far, I haven’t in about a year!

Val Marie Paper Prayer Journals 

Val’s prayer journals helped me develop a prayer LIFE. When I think about who I want to be when I’m 80, Prayer Warrior is a title I so desperately hope my loved ones attribute to me. Her journals make it simple, and remind you to be intentional and consistent.